What is Bet Analytix application ? What can be done with this application ? Why use it ? Is it important to monitor your bankroll ? We will answer this question in detail. Let’s go !

Bet Analytix : capital evolution

Bet Analytix : What is it ?

This is a site that allows you to track all your predictions. Eventually, it will enable you to obtain a detailed report of your betting profile. Not using this platform when you are a bettor is like going to the beach without a bottle of water and without sun cream. This tool will allow you to have a real history of all your sports bets. All you have to do is enter the name of your prediction, the bet and the odds. The rest ? Bet Analytix application takes care of it ! Everything is explained in detail in this article !

The usefulness of Bet Analytix :

Why use Bet Analytix application ?

The use of a platform like Bet Analytix application is mandatory when you make bets in the world of sports betting.

It is a tracer that gives you an exact curve of the evolution of your capital.

Bet Analytix application will allow you to have an overview and a long-term view of your predictions. It is indispensable for bankroll management.

It will tell you very quickly what you should continue to play. Which football leagues you are most successful in. Which type of prediction works best for you.

So put away your draft notebook or Excel spreadsheet: Bet Analytix application is for you.

What’s more, the icing on the cake: it’s free !

You will be able to list every prediction you have played to give you an overview of your sports betting history.

Why is it so important to follow up with Bankroll ?

It is important to stress the need to monitor your own sports betting. Write everything down ! Thanks to this, you will have a broad history. Enough to know whether you are positive in the long term. Without this follow-up, you can quickly get lost along the way. The history of your predictions is a gold mine of data !

Strangely enough, it’s easier to remember a winning ticket that brought you €200 than the other €10 20 you lost.

The most obvious examples are all those little €1 or €2 “Fun” tickets. I see them every day …

On the face of it, you think: “It’s only 2€… It’s nothing…” But it is a real gulf in the long term.

Imagine, the number of times you’ve made this kind of fun bet at 2€. Let’s say at least 1 per day (and I think that’s a long way off for some punters.) Well, that’s 60€ over a month. So you’ll probably spend some from time to time but it’s a good bet that it will have an impact on your bankroll.

The easiest way to find out ? Start monitoring your bankroll today !