What is a niche market ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of little-known football leagues ? On this page, we will discuss these leagues, their place in sports betting, and what are their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get started !

Making money with sports betting

Niche markets : What is it ?

Niche markets are the opposite of mass markets. They are sports or championships that are less followed and less publicised, such as the Belarusian football championship or table tennis, and on which we can bet. Information on these championships and sports is scarcer and the volume of bets is relatively low. They are more difficult for the bookmaker to quote, and this is what makes them interesting because the experts in this type of sector stand out and it is easier to beat the bookmaker by finding odds errors (value bets) !

According to the ARJEL, here are the main sports played :

Breakdown of the new products (niche market)

So we see that football is the sport that generates the most bets.

As far as football is concerned, major competitions such as the Champions League and the Liga are obviously the most wagered, as this ARJEL bar chart shows :

Evolution of new product launches (niche market)

We will note the evolution of the world of sports betting and the millions of euros bet every year. The Eastern European championships represent a relatively small market (known as the niche market).

Where to bet on niche markets ?

Today, the various bookmakers are opening up more and more to the niche market. It is quite possible to find many football championships and niche sports available on one’s favourite site.

However, some bookmakers remain a little behind in their offers, such as Unibet, which prefers to focus on mass sports.

Bookmakers that are usually a little less popular, such as Betclic and PMU, take advantage of this to make the most of their opportunities and diversify their offers. These two sites are very interesting if you play niche sports. Their offers are always very rich (winners, podiums, top 10, duels, etc…).

The bookmaker has obviously privileged is Winamax, having very interesting odds, especially in football championships unknown in France or with little visibility.

We advise you to compare several sports betting sites before betting in order to make the most profit !

How to beat the bookmaker in a niche market ?

Citing unknown football championships or niche sports are very difficult for bookmakers, because they lack information and if they have many traders specialised in the 5 big football championships or tennis, it is not the same for sports like the Hungarian or Moldavian football championships ! This is where the bettor takes the advantage, because an expert of these championships, following the performances of these championships, will be much better informed than the bookmaker and will be able to get ahead of him easily !

Bookmakers have powerful statistical tools, which allow them to take out the odds of highly played sports, such as football or tennis. They are often one step ahead of the bettors. This is why they are able to get the odds of a football match several weeks in advance. This they absolutely do not do for championships or niche sports, where the value bets (odds errors) are much more numerous and where these sites take more time to correctly place their odds.

To beat bookmakers on niche sports and championships, you have to take advantage of the lack of knowledge about these sports, and take advantage of our Pronolynx expertise to find the best bets, at the best odds. If all this is brought together, you will beat the bookmaker for sure !

How to follow a Tipster in niche markets ?

It is very advantageous to follow a Tipster in niche markets, as we will benefit from its expertise to beat the bookmaker. Moreover, if you have little knowledge about the sport or football championship in question, it is much smarter to call on someone who knows more about it than you do rather than trying to analyse it yourself. You risk losing everything…

However, it should be noted that there is a downside to betting on niche markets. Indeed, bookmakers don’t make it easy for us ! Since the betting volume is much lower on these championships, the sites are much more vigilant about the volume of bets. If, all of a sudden, there is a large amount of money being bet on a particular event, you automatically risk seeing the odds drop drastically, that’s for sure ! By betting on big odds you make the bookmaker understand that there is value, and without trying to think about it they lower the odds to avoid losing money.

Niche markets : advantages and disadvantages

Betting on a niche market has its advantages and of course its disadvantages… Explanations!

The advantages of niche markets :

Throughout this article, we have seen the many advantages of niche markets.

First of all, niche markets make it possible to find considerable errors in quotations (value bets). The main reason is the bookmakers’ lack of knowledge of certain championships and events.

If you are an expert in leagues that are not very well recognised by the media, such as the Lithuanian, Cypriot or Estonian football championships, you will have great opportunities to increase your capital !

It’s very rare to get ahead of sports betting sites, but on these football championships you’re sure to be better than they are. You will be able to play on their weaknesses, get caught up in their flaws and win enormously.

We have tipsters specialising in niche markets who offer forecasts on 28 football championships in the East. With Pronolynx, the choice is there !

The profitability of these niche markets is therefore the main advantage, and this is what you can rely on to win at sports betting.

The disadvantages of niche markets :

However, niche markets also have disadvantages.

Firstly, bookmakers do not always offer all niche markets. We cannot always bet on every football match. However, betting sites are increasingly open to less high-profile leagues.

Moreover, even for the leagues that are available, the offers are still sometimes poor. The room for manoeuvre is therefore sometimes limited. This is a way for bookmakers not to offer us too many potential bets !

It is also important to know that, contrary to popular football leagues, bookmakers release the odds of less mediatized leagues rather late ! This sometimes happens on the eve of a match. It is therefore more difficult for us to analyse in a short time. Don’t panic, our tipsters work upstream !

What’s more, if there is a large volume of bets, the sites can temporarily block the offer by adjusting the odds. This frequently happens with niche sports betting. The aim is to balance the odds. It is therefore possible, after the Bookmaker has adjusted the odds, that your value bet no longer exists !

The main opponent of the niche markets is the fall of odds, as you will surely have understood. You must therefore play quickly, very quickly, before the other bettors, in order to save your odds. Bookmakers use our betting skills to balance their odds !

If a Ukrainian football expert plays big on an odds at the opening of the market, you can be sure that the bookmaker in question will block the bets to readjust. So you need to be quick and accurate !

Finally, the last concern when playing in niche markets is the difficulty to get information.

Conclusion :

By definition, these niche markets are less followed and less mediatized. It is therefore more complicated to obtain information before taking our bets. This further supports the fact that you have to be a true expert in your sport before betting on it. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in the same position as the bookmaker, lacking information !

On Pronolynx, you have the chance to have experts in these Eastern European football championships !

Don’t hesitate to join us and beat the sports betting sites !

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