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The Latvian Football Championship, also called Virslīga, was established in 1922. The championship was interrupted in 1940. Later incorporated into the USSR, the championship of Latvia (as an independent country) was only resumed in 1991. From the country’s independence in 1991 until 2004, Skonto Riga managed to be national champion without interruption 14 times in a row.

Football Match Latvia


The ten best Latvian teams meet 4 times in the championship. At the end of the 36 matches, the 1st is crowned champion and qualifies for the Champions League. The 2nd, 3rd and winner of the Latvian Cup go to the Europa League. The last one is relegated to the second division. Finally, the 9th plays a return play-off match against the 2nd in the second division to try to hold on.



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