⚽ QUIZ ⚽

This is the corner where you get involved to see what you know. Don’t panic, we won’t disseminate your results !

This page is dedicated to the quiz. Every month new questions will be proposed to you.

The rules of the game are as follows:

– 20 questions
– Defined time step
– Only 1 correct answer out of 4
– No point less in case of a wrong answer ! Give it a try !

Result :

Between 0 and 4 pts: Insufficient, you lack knowledge in this field. Keep reading our articles, you need them if you want to progress…
Between 5 and 9 pts : Satisfactory, you are close to the average, whip !
Between 10 and 14 pts : Good, you have a good knowledge of football in Eastern Europe but I’m sure you can do even better !
Between 15 and 19 pts : Very good, your knowledge and expertise are undeniable. Next quiz, are we looking for perfection ?
20 pts : You are simply the best, you love football and football loves you ! Congratulations !

So disappointed or satisfied with your results ?